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The relaxing and stress reducing effects of massage are well known. A thoughtful, well done, massage will leave you with a feeling of serenity and rejuvenation. But that's not all, the health benefits of massage are numerous and well documented. We invite you to come and experience the inner peace and serenity that results from knowing you are on a journey towards a healthier more vibrant you!

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Cynthia Fleet - LMT & Owner

I founded Kneading-A-Massage in 2010 in Covington, TN to offer quality, alternative methods for health and wellness to our community. We offer a variety of massages, facials, medi-cupping, ergonomic surveys, clinics and sports consultations. We stay on top of healthy alternatives so our clients have options for healing, fitness, herbs, and you can find the finest Napasha Way essential oils just inside my door…

Whether you want to relax or release pain and tension from your body, or improve fitness or athletic skills, we have a massage for you.

~ Cindy


Melissa Yale - LMT

I have lived in Atoka since 1994. I studied at HiTech Community college in Memphis TN and started my healing path in 2010 specalizing in Sports Therapy.

Whether you are seeking to ease the discomfort that can sometimes accompany an active livestyle or simply want to relax experience a massage that fits you.

~ Melissa

Rates & Office Hours Massage Offerings

"No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.”

~ Deepak Chopra