Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep tissue massage focuses on the deep layers of muscle and fascia (the fascia is a connective web of tissue that penetrates and supports muscles and organs). Deep tissue massage is recommended by many doctors as a treatment option for injuries and other physical ailments. Similar to the Relaxation massage, the strokes of a Deep tissue massage are still long and slow but firmer pressure is used and specific areas can be targeted. We reserve the right to use fingers, thumbs, knuckles and elbows. But don't worry, the jackhammer is only used in the most extreme cases! Warm essential oils are used to relax the upper level muscles to allow access to underlying structures. Although a bit more aggressive than other massage types, rest assured, the old adage "no pain no gain" doesn't work for us. All our massages are made to order and we'll only go as deep as comfortable for you.

LaStone Massage

No need to jump into a frigid river or lake after a hot sauna to reap the benefits of thermal therapy. Sometimes referred to as contrast therapy LaStone massage is a contemporary approach to alternating temperatures in massage. Not to be confused with "hot stone massage", LaStone utilizes 54 hot stones that are volcanic in origin and polished to a pleasingly smooth texture. This massage also uses 18 chilly marble stones and one room temperature stone. Although chilled stones may not seem all that pleasent they are actually quite refreshing when applied to skin that has been warmed. LaStone massage stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems aiding in the movement of toxins and wastes to detoxify the body. It can also help to reduce pain and will definitely leave you invigorated! Experience the grounding effect of a little earth connection. Allow 2 hours for this particular journey.

Swe-Thai Massage

Think about it, you know it's good for you but when was the last time you touched your toes? Deep stretches and rhythmic compression are the order of the day with our Thai massage. Let us professionally help you re-awaken the flexibility and fluidity you were born with. Thai massage works with both the physical and energic aspects of the body. A deep, full-body massage, it focuses on the sen or energy lines in the body. Hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees and feet are all used to create a unique therapeutic experience stimulating the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. Thai massage involves a number of stretching movements and draws upon yoga, acupressure and reflexology to improve flexibility and joint movement. It also increases blood circulation.

Sports Therapy Massage

A massage custom ordered for you. Our Sports massage is specifically tailored to your specific sport injuries, ailments or areas of concern. It is not necessarily a relaxing massage as it is intended to improve performance and aid recovery from injuries. A Sports massage is not only for elite athletes, it can be beneficial to anyone that exercises regardless of the activity level. It is also known as manual therapy, manipulative therapy, or manual & manipulative therapy that primarily treats the neuromusculoskeletal system. It includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. Whether you want to accelerate healing, achieve a new personal best or simply enjoy a longer walk a Sports massage may be for you.

Facial Toning Massage

Look years younger and feel great with a Facial Toning massage. Don't chase your youth, instead, re-capture it by having your facial muscles treated with massage. Age has a tendency to show in the face, fortunately the facial muscles are easy to retrain and respond well to stimuli designed to firm and lift the muscles. Our loving and highly trained facial massage strokes will re-invigorate those sleepy muscles. It's amazing how much energy is added to your entire being when your facial expressions become more vibrant and alert. The feeling of being "on top of your game" returns and with it a deeper connection to your true self. Best results are seen with weekly treatments for a month or two followed by once-a-month maintenance.

Sinus & Compress Massage

If you are experiencing discomfort in your sinuses keep this in mind. Healthy sinuses are covered in a pink, thin coating of skin call mucosa. Ideally the sinuses are empty except for a thin layer of mucus over the mucosa. Whether the cause is allergies or infection conditions quickly change when the sinuses become inflamed and swollen. Air passages are blocked, pressure builds resulting in considerable discomfort. When this happens a warm compress and the skillful application of pressure and massage strokes can offer immense relief from sinus pain. So remember, when sinus pressure builds relief is but a phone call away.

Migraine Therapy

In 2006 the American Massage Therapy Association reported 45 million Americans experienced frequent migraines. The cause of migraine headaches is not very well understood and researchers continue to conduct studies to better understand the triggers. While the exact causes of migraines are difficult to determine it is good to know massage has been shown to ease the pain and lessen the frequency of migraines. The Touch Institute of the University of Miami School of Medicine found through research that massage therapy decreased the occurrence of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms while increasing serotonin levels in adults with migraine headaches. Massage is long thought to relieve pain by releasing the chemical serotonin. Serotonin and migraines are believed by some to be related. If you are experiencing migraines and are looking for ways to reduce the pain and frequency give us a call for our specialized massage today.